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Teeth bleaching

Teeth whitening knows no age limits, it can make everyone’s smile more beautiful – enjoy all the benefits of gentle teeth whitening at 5DENT

Why is our practice called 5DENT and why does this name mean something to you?

Tooth whitening knows no age limits, it can beautify anyone’s smile – enjoy all the benefits of gentle tooth whitening at 5DENT – at a significant price advantage
Why do our teeth become discoloured?

We are not all the same, so it is perfectly normal that not all teeth are spotlessly white, even if they are healthy and clean. This can be hereditary and in our genes.  The colour of the teeth is determined by the components found in the enamel and the pulp underneath. 

Of course, there are also many external factors that can be responsible for tooth discolouration. Plaque that builds up on the teeth can discolour the teeth if it is not properly cared for at home. If our oral care techniques are inadequate and plaque remains permanently on the tooth surface, tartar can form. Yellowish-brown tartar is not only aesthetically unpleasing, but also harmful as it is a breeding ground for caries-causing bacteria and can contribute to the development of serious diseases such as periodontal disease. 

Regular consumption of foods with a strong colouring effect – such as black tea, black coffee, cola, beetroot, red wine, spinach, red pepper – also has a negative effect on tooth colour. 

Smoking also plays an important role, as heavy smokers can turn their white teeth yellow within a few years.

What advantages does tooth whitening at 5DENT have for you?

These benefits make in-office teeth whitening an effective option for achieving a more beautiful and whiter smile:

  • Immediate results: In-office teeth whitening is usually completed within 1 hour and shows immediate results. This is much faster than at-home methods, which can usually take several days or weeks.
  • Expert supervision: Teeth whitening is performed under the supervision of a dentist or qualified dental hygienist, which ensures safe and effective treatment.
  • Quality of the materials used: The whitening materials used in the practice are specially used by dentists and dental hygienists.
  • Long-lasting effect: teeth whitening procedures at the dental clinic often offer results that last for months, provided you follow the aftercare instructions
  • Even whitening: The dentist or a qualified dental hygienist carefully applies the whitening material and ensures that all teeth are whitened evenly. This is more difficult to check when using methods at home
  • Pain-free and comfortable: As the treatment is carried out under the supervision of a specialist, discomfort and pain are minimised. Sensitive teeth or pain after treatment are therefore rare.
  • Individual treatment: A dentist is able to analyse the condition of your teeth and design treatment to meet your needs and expectations.

Which teeth can be whitened?

Whitening is usually performed on the teeth that are visible when you speak or smile. The treatment can be effectively performed on your own teeth that have not yet been root-treated. Crowns, bridges and fillings are not suitable for whitening. Old fillings and crowns on other teeth should be replaced after whitening to match the colour of the new tooth.

Scaling / per jawbone40 €
Scaling with Air-Flow / per jawbone45 €
Guided biofilm therapy / entire mouth area100 €
Teeth whitening / per jawbone190 €

Why our patients are satisfied with our practice

Christiane Seewald

Lower – upper removable full denture / Dr Béla Dr Paczolay

Jan Zimmermann

All-on -6 Concept dentures / Dr Paczolay Béla

Bolko Soltans

Nobel implant + metal-ceramic crowns / Dr László Honfi

Lazic Dusanka

Lower-upper complete denture / Dr Iván Kecskés Iván

Friedrich Blum

Nobel implant + zirconium oxide crowns / Dr László Honfi

Sabine Schelling

Nobel implant + full contour zirconium crown / Dr László Honfi / Dr Annamária Kocsis

Schauer Dietmar

Nobel implant + metal-ceramic crowns / Dr Béla Paczolay

Svetlana Joksimovic

All-on-4 Concept dentures, Zirconia crowns / Dr. László Honfi

Andreas Bieringer

All-on-4 Nobel Procera dentures / Dr László Honfi

Georg Brenner

Metal-ceramic crowns for Alpha Bio-Implants / Dr Iván Kecskés

What is internal tooth whitening and in which cases is it used at 5DENT?

After a root canal treatment, the tooth is dead and there are no vascular nerves in it to transport the colouring substances. Over the years, these substances accumulate in the tooth and can discolour it so that it takes on a greyish hue. 

Internal tooth whitening is used on root-treated teeth.  In contrast to external whitening, the teeth are whitened from the inside out, not from the outside in. Before bleaching, the tooth is cleaned and the root canal is filled with peroxide gel and sealed. The whitening then takes place inside the tooth within a few days. When the result is satisfactory, the tooth and root canal are given a filling that perfectly matches the tooth colour.

How is professional tooth whitening performed in the 5DENT practice?

  1. Preparation for whitening: the first step is to prepare the teeth for whitening. Before whitening, it is important to eliminate gingivitis, remove tartar and treat cavities and poorly sealed fillings
  2. Determining the tooth colour: At the beginning of the whitening treatment, our dental hygienist will determine and document the initial tooth colour using a tooth colour scale so that the result can be checked at the end of the treatment.
  3. Gum protection: Our dental hygienist applies a gum shield to the gums to protect them from damage caused by bleaching agents.
  4. Applying and illuminating the bleaching agent: Bleaching at the dental clinic is a chemical process in which the bleaching agent applied to the teeth reacts with the substances that discolour the tooth surface and undergoes chemical oxidation, which is illuminated for 15 minutes with a special bleaching lamp. 
  5. Reapplying the bleaching agent: the bleaching agent is removed after 15 minutes, then a new agent is applied to the tooth surface and left to act under the bleaching lamp for 15 minutes
  6. End of treatment: Washing off the applied materials and removing the gum shield.
  7. Check-up: At the end of the treatment, our dentist or dental hygienist will check the result and explain what you need to look out for after the treatment to keep your teeth whiter for longer.

The treatment takes about 1 hour. The result achieved depends on the original tooth colour.

How we can make your smile look new

Why you should come to 5DENT for a personal consultation

Digital diagnostics – With our modern digital diagnostic equipment, we can accurately determine the condition of your teeth and bone structure, which is an essential prerequisite for developing a precise and individual treatment plan.

Personal communication – A personal conversation with a dental expert gives you the opportunity to seek advice directly and get answers to your questions.

Individual treatment plan – Your consulting dentist can personally assess the condition of your teeth and bone structure, as well as your needs, and recommend the best treatment plan based on this.

Personal experience about the level of the practice – during the consultation you can find out first-hand about the technical standard of the dental practice and whether it meets your expectations

Aids to understanding the dental problem – At our 5DENT dental clinic, we use visual aids and models to fully inform you and help you understand your dental problem and treatment options.

Favorable prices, significant savings – you don’t have to compromise. At 5DENT’s office, you can make significant savings on your dental treatment while receiving European-standard dental care, for which we also offer a guarantee.

These are the questions our patients have asked about teeth whitening (FAQ)

Where does a tooth whitening consultation take place?

Tooth whitening is performed in our 5DENT dental clinic in Mosonmagyaróvár, only 14 kilometres from the Austrian border. You can find detailed information about our contact details here.

How long does tooth whitening take in the practice?

An average bleaching procedure takes 1 hour, but can take longer depending on individual sensitivity.

How should I prepare for teeth whitening?

You need to make an appointment for teeth whitening so that we can offer you our transfer service. 

Can teeth whitening hurt?

In most cases, tooth whitening does not cause pain. However, a slight sensitivity may occur.

What are the risks of teeth whitening?

Teeth whitening is a safe procedure when performed under the supervision of a professional. There may be some tooth sensitivity and slight pain during or after the in-office treatment, but in most cases there is no such discomfort. The sensitivity after whitening is due to the fact that the special whitening substance draws water out of the tooth, making the nerves in the tooth more sensitive. This sensitivity is temporary and usually disappears within a day.

When can tooth whitening not be performed?

In these cases, whitening is not recommended: 

  • for caries, inflamed, diseased teeth
  • Gingivitis or other diseases of the oral cavity or teeth
  • Malformations of the teeth, in the case of enamel chipping
  • for seals that do not close tightly
  • during pregnancy and breastfeeding
How much does tooth whitening cost in the 5DENT practice?

Tooth whitening costs €190 per jawbone, which is a considerable saving for you.

What should I pay attention to after bleaching?

After whitening, the teeth may be more sensitive than usual for a few days, so it is not recommended to eat very cold or very hot foods and drinks. We strongly recommend using a high quality toothpaste that is suitable for sensitive teeth. Due to the sensitivity of the enamel, you should avoid carbonated drinks, vinegar and acidic foods. During the first week after whitening, teeth are more susceptible to discolouration. Therefore, avoid all foods and drinks that contain colourants (e.g. coffee, black tea, red wine, spinach, red pepper, etc.).

Discover the whiter, brighter smile you’ve always wanted! At 5DENT, we offer professional and fast teeth whitening that is guaranteed to deliver long-lasting results. Contact us with confidence and experience the benefits of expert treatment, convenience and speed.

Why you should choose 5DENT for your dental treatment

Professional staff

This is the foundation of all quality dental care – a team of well-trained, experienced and dedicated professionals.

Informative and understandable personal communication

The 5DENT dental clinic places great emphasis on informative personal consultation.

State-of-the-art technology

The use of the latest dental equipment and technology is essential for accurate diagnosis and gentle treatment.

Individual treatment plan

We know that every patient is unique and needs a tailor-made solution for their dental problem.

Sterile environment

5DENT dental practice places great emphasis on creating a sterile environment, because we know that basic hygiene not only protects your health, but also affects the quality and effectiveness of your treatment.


At the 5DENT dental clinic, aftercare is not just a follow-up step, but an integral part of the treatment process.

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