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Tartar removal

Dental hygiene treatment to prevent dental problems from developing, i.e. impeccable tartar removal at 5DENT

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Oral hygiene treatment to prevent dental problems, i.e. impeccable tartar removal at 5DENT with significant savings
What is tartar and what health problems can it cause?

Many people are not aware that brushing twice a day is not always enough to ensure good oral hygiene. Despite our best efforts, we cannot brush our teeth perfectly, so plaque builds up on the teeth.
Tartar is caused by the calcification of plaque on your teeth and contains large amounts of harmful bacteria that can pose a serious health risk to you:

  • They can cause bleeding gums, which is a typical symptom of periodontitis. The gums become darker, swollen and sensitive
  • Periodontal disease can cause bad breath, unpleasant taste in the mouth
  • Bleeding gums can cause accumulated bacteria to enter the bloodstream, where they can spread to distant areas of the body and cause health problems.
  • In the most severe stages of periodontal disease, teeth become so loose that they eventually fall out or have to be removed.

It is important to know that tartar is not only a danger for your own teeth, but also a problem for dentures and implants.

Why should you pay special attention to scaling?

Not only does scaling keep your teeth looking aesthetically pleasing by removing discolouration and tartar, it is also a quick, easy and painless treatment that can prevent the development of more serious dental problems. br>Here are 5 reasons why you should have regular oral hygiene treatment, i.e. tartar removal, at 5DENT:

  • Your teeth become aesthetic and free from discolouration again 
  • Your teeth remain healthy and intact in the long term
  • Can prevent periodontal disease associated with unpleasant symptoms
  • You can use it to prevent unpleasant bad breath
  • You will receive practical tips for effective dental care at home

How tartar forms and how it can affect the health of your teeth

Plaque is a cohesive coating on the surface of the teeth that is filled with bacteria. Plaque is formed by food. Certain foods and drinks can cause plaque to build up on the teeth, turning them a yellowish-brown colour.

Tartar is calcified plaque. The formation of plaque is a threat to the health of your teeth because if it is not removed in time, it causes tooth decay and gingivitis. 

Unfortunately, neither deposits, discolouration nor tartar can be removed at home, but only in a dental practice.

Scaling / per jawbone40 €
Scaling with Air-Flow / per jawbone45 €
Guided biofilm therapy / entire mouth area100 €
Teeth whitening / per jawbone190 €

Why our patients are satisfied with our practice

Rudolf Markl

Rudolf Markl / Nobel Implant + metal-ceramic crown / Dr László Honfi / Dr Balázs Balatonyi

Michaela Fraidl

Full contour zirconium oxide crowns / Dr Béla Paczolay

Kerstin Strasser

All-on 4 Nobel Procera prosthesis / Dr László Honfi / Dr Balázs Balatonyi

Heike Baumgart

Full contour zirconium oxide crowns / Dr Annamária Kocsis

Friedrich Blum

Nobel implant + zirconium oxide crowns / Dr László Honfi

Andreas Bieringer

All-on-4 Nobel Procera dentures / Dr László Honfi

Heinz Rozumek

Upper combined prosthesis / Dr Béla Paczolay

Schauer Dietmar

Nobel implant + metal-ceramic crowns / Dr Béla Paczolay

Georg Brenner

Metal-ceramic crowns for Alpha Bio-Implants / Dr Iván Kecskés

Svetlana Joksimovic

All-on-4 Concept dentures, Zirconia crowns / Dr. László Honfi

At 5DENT we have two excellent methods for successful scaling:

I.Oral hygiene treatment 

An effective solution to the problem of tartar build-up due to calculus removal is a professional oral hygiene treatment. In a gentle, painless, quick and effective treatment, we remove deposits, discolouration and tartar from your teeth. 

In 45 minutes, your dental hygienist or dentist removes tartar and yellowish-brown discolouration with a special procedure called ultrasonic scaling. This gentle procedure can sometimes be equivalent to teeth whitening, as your teeth regain their natural colour and radiant shine.

At 5DENT, for example, professional oral hygiene treatment, i.e. the removal of tartar, is carried out:

  1. Pre-examination: Tartar removal begins with a thorough examination, during which your dentist will get a comprehensive picture of the current condition of your teeth and determine the extent of tartar build-up on your teeth since your last treatment
  2. Ultrasonic scaling: Tartar and discolouration are removed with a special ultrasonic device called a depurator. This device removes deposits gently but firmly so that the enamel is not damaged. The strong vibrations of the device create air bubbles that crumble the plaque and bounce it off the teeth.
  3. Special salt blasting: If required, our dental hygienists can also supplement conventional scaling with ultrasound with salt blasting. In this treatment, a mixture of water and very fine, specially formulated dental salt is sprayed onto the surface of your teeth with a salt blower under high pressure. This procedure allows the salt to penetrate even the hard-to-reach interdental spaces and gently removes discolouration.
  4. Polishing: The surface of your teeth is polished smooth with a polishing paste, special brushes and rubber brushes. This process prevents plaque from re-attaching. Polishing makes your teeth look silky smooth and vibrant
  5. Oral hygiene consultation for good dental care at home: We complete your tartar removal with a personal oral hygiene consultation to give you all the valuable information you need about what you can do to prevent tartar recurrence at home. Our consultation covers the following topics:
  • Which toothbrush to choose for proper tooth brushing
  • How to use a particular type of toothbrush effectively
  • How often and how you should floss
  • When and how to use the interdental brush
  • What is the right tongue and mucous membrane cleaning?
  • When you should and should not use mouthwash and which one is best for you
  1. Recall: To maintain a healthy condition, we will discuss individually when you need to come for a check-up to avoid more serious dental problems.

II.Guided biofilm therapy

Biofilm or dental plaque is a layer invisible to the naked eye that can form on teeth, implants, dentures and orthodontic appliances. The biofilm layer contains harmful bacteria that colonise and multiply in the oral cavity. It is therefore essential to remove the biofilm, as it not only damages the teeth but can also lead to the loss of implants.

Why do you benefit from guided biofilm therapy?

  • Thanks to plaque staining, the biofilm layer, tartar and plaque are clearly visible
  • The Airflow salt solution technique gently and safely removes discolouration and existing tartar
  • Perfect for removing even the toughest stains like tobacco stains or black tea and coffee stains
  • The treatment is completely painless thanks to the “No-Pain” technology 
  • Minimise the discomfort of cleaning worn tooth necks
  • Also suitable for cleaning implants, does not damage the implant surface, does not scratch
  • The most perfect cleaning process for all dental restorations: no damage, no scratching of crowns, thin ceramic shells.
  • Pleasantly sweet taste during treatment thanks to the EMS Plus powder containing erythritol

How we can make your smile look new

When is guided biofilm therapy at 5DENT ideal for you?

  • If you want to maintain the health of your teeth in the long term and prevent caries, tartar or periodontosis at an early stage
  • If you already have periodontal disease and want to reverse this damaging process
  • If you want to protect your restorations as it is the best cleaning method for implants, crowns, shells and bridges without damaging the titanium or ceramic surfaces
  • If you want to keep hard-to-clean areas clean during orthodontic treatment
  • If you suffer from receding gums, because the removal of the biofilm in the treatment of receding gums offers maximum comfort and a completely painless feeling compared to the classic treatment
  • If you suffer from peri-implantitis (inflammation under the gums around the implant), this can be treated with little bleeding using PERIOFLOW PLUS powder and a special Piezon head for removing tartar from implants, the Piezon PI.

How does Guided Biofilm Therapy treatment work at 5DENT?

  1. Examination and analysis: The first and most important step before any treatment is an examination to assess the condition of your teeth and the entire oral cavity, to diagnose the condition of the teeth or implants and soft tissue, and to assess the risk of caries
  2. Plaque staining: A special dye is used to make plaque visible, the biofilm layer that forms on hard surfaces such as teeth, implants, dentures and orthodontic appliances and is otherwise invisible to the naked eye. Guided biofilm therapy aims to remove 100% of the biofilm. By making the biofilm, which is not visible to the naked eye, visible, we can do this faster and more effectively
  3. Airflow treatment: Airflow plus powder removes biofilm and immature calculus from all types of surfaces in a minimally invasive manner: enamel, dentin, soft tissue, restorations, orthodontic appliances and implant surfaces.
  4. Perioflow treatment: In Guided Biofilm Therapy, deeper pockets or the surface of the implants are also cleaned with this procedure if required.
  5. Ultrasound scaling with “NO PAIN” PIEZON technology: The essence of PIEZON technology is gentleness, maximum efficiency and tissue protection. The linear vibration with intelligent feedback enables a painless treatment. There is no discomfort, no pain, because the PIEZON head only works when it encounters tartar, avoiding unnecessary contact with the intact tooth surface and thus unnecessary pain.
  6. Check: After the cleaning is finished, we carefully check whether all areas have been cleaned properly. In a hand mirror, you can see how much more beautiful your teeth are than after a classic cleaning.
  7. Instruction and motivation: In order to maintain a tartar- and biofilm-free condition, it is essential to learn the correct oral care in detail. We show you the instruments used in the practice, measure them individually and make suggestions for their use. You leave the practice knowing exactly what to use and how to use it in your oral care at home
  8. Recall: To maintain a healthy condition, we will discuss each time individually when you need to come for a check-up to avoid more serious dental problems.

Why you should come to 5DENT for a personal consultation

Digital diagnostics – With our modern digital diagnostic equipment, we can accurately determine the condition of your teeth and bone structure, which is an essential prerequisite for developing a precise and individual treatment plan.

Personal communication – A personal conversation with a dental expert gives you the opportunity to seek advice directly and get answers to your questions.

Individual treatment plan – Your consulting dentist can personally assess the condition of your teeth and bone structure, as well as your needs, and recommend the best treatment plan based on this.

Personal experience about the level of the practice – during the consultation you can find out first-hand about the technical standard of the dental practice and whether it meets your expectations

Aids to understanding the dental problem – At our 5DENT dental clinic, we use visual aids and models to fully inform you and help you understand your dental problem and treatment options.

Favorable prices, significant savings – you don’t have to compromise. At 5DENT’s office, you can make significant savings on your dental treatment while receiving European-standard dental care, for which we also offer a guarantee.

These are the questions our patients have asked about scaling (FAQ)

Where is tartar removal performed?

Tartar removal or guided biofilm therapy is performed in our 5DENT dental clinic in Mosonmagyaróvár, only 14 kilometres from the Austrian border. You can find detailed information about our contact details here.

How should I prepare for plaque removal or guided biofilm therapy?

An average plaque removal or guided biofilm therapy takes 30-60 minutes, but this largely depends on the amount of plaque to be removed.

Will plaque removal or guided biofilm therapy hurt?

In most cases, plaque removal or guided biofilm therapy does not cause pain, at most mild sensitivity.

Do I need an X-ray or CT scan?

No X-ray or CT scan is required for plaque removal or guided biofilm therapy itself. However, if you want to combine the treatment with an examination, a panoramic X-ray or a 3D CT scan is required to understand the overall picture of the dental problems.

How much will the treatment cost?

Scaling costs €40 per jaw. For both jaws, i.e. the entire set of teeth, it is 80 €. The guided biofilm therapy costs 45 € per jaw. For both jaws, i.e. the entire set of teeth, it is 90 €.

What other treatment options are there for me?

After the examination we will inform you in detail about the most suitable treatment options for you, but you should know that we offer all treatments except paediatric dentistry that you may need in our well-equipped 5DENT dental clinic. Our excellent specialist dentists will help you with this.

When can I eat again after plaque removal or guided biofilm therapy?

Immediately after the treatment you can eat and drink, but you should avoid all staining foods and drinks (cola, coffee, tea, beetroot, …) for one week.

Don’t let tartar or biofilm compromise your dental health, as they can lead to significant long-term health problems and treatment costs. 

At 5DENT, we use the most advanced technologies and gentle methods to keep your teeth healthy and shiny with the highest level of expertise. Whether it’s tartar removal or guided biofilm therapy, our experienced team of experts will ensure that you receive the best care.

Why you should choose 5DENT for your dental treatment

Professional staff

This is the foundation of all quality dental care – a team of well-trained, experienced and dedicated professionals.

Informative and understandable personal communication

The 5DENT dental clinic places great emphasis on informative personal consultation.

State-of-the-art technology

The use of the latest dental equipment and technology is essential for accurate diagnosis and gentle treatment.

Individual treatment plan

We know that every patient is unique and needs a tailor-made solution for their dental problem.

Sterile environment

5DENT dental practice places great emphasis on creating a sterile environment, because we know that basic hygiene not only protects your health, but also affects the quality and effectiveness of your treatment.


At the 5DENT dental clinic, aftercare is not just a follow-up step, but an integral part of the treatment process.

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