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Do you have irregular teeth? Orthodontics for almost all ages at 5DENT

How to get a good offer for your dental problem in 5 steps

Are you annoyed by your irregular dentition? Orthodontics as a child or adult? Saving a significant amount of money on orthodontics?
Why not? It’s all possible at 5DENT

Thanks to today’s modern orthodontic appliances, orthodontics has become a simple treatment accessible to everyone, even at the age of 50. There are many solutions for the treatment of misaligned teeth, including aesthetic or invisible braces. We will create a treatment plan tailored to your needs and help you navigate the different options. One thing is certain: whether you choose fixed or removable braces, there is no shame in wearing braces these days.

What are the causes of malocclusions?

Misaligned teeth can be caused by a variety of factors and usually require orthodontic treatment:

  • Hereditary factors: If you have a family history of irregular teeth, you are more likely to have this problem.
  • Milk teeth removed prematurely or later: leads to crowded dentition
  • Inadequate dental care: Inadequate or improper dental care can lead to tooth decay and gum disease, which in turn can lead to misaligned teeth.
  • Excessive dummy or finger sucking: These habits can contribute to jaw and teeth deformities in your child.
  • Teeth lost through trauma or injury: Accidents and injuries, especially in childhood, can lead to an irregular set of teeth.
  • Breathing problems: Mouth breathing due to a blocked nose also affects the development of the jaw and teeth.
  • Nutrient deficiency: A lack of certain nutrients at a young age can affect the development of teeth and jaws.
  • Chewing problems: Uneven or asymmetrical chewing can lead to irregular contact between the dental arches
  • Crowded teeth: When there are too many teeth in the jaw, they do not fit properly and grow out irregularly. This is most often the case with wisdom teeth, whose removal is strongly recommended before orthodontic treatment.
  • Diseases and medicines: Some diseases and the medicines used to treat them, such as antihistamines or medicines for high blood pressure, can also affect tooth development.

What symptoms should you see an orthodontist for as soon as possible?

If you notice these symptoms in your teeth, you should definitely see an orthodontist. The sooner you do, the greater the chance of getting help in time:

  • clogged teeth
  • teeth that protrude or fall out of the dental arch
  • larger gaps between the teeth
  • discordant facial profile

By seeing a qualified orthodontist in time, you risk nothing, but you greatly increase your chances of having your symptoms treated in time to save you from more serious dental problems.

Medical examination – first consultationFree of charge
Preparation of a treatment planFree of charge
Preparation of a cost estimateFree of charge
Digital panoramic X-ray50 €
X-ray image analysisFree of charge
Digital 3D CT scan120 €
3D CT image analysisFree of charge
in the case of a 3D CT scan, the panoramic imageFree of charge

Why our patients are satisfied with our practice

Rudolf Markl

Rudolf Markl / Nobel Implant + metal-ceramic crown / Dr László Honfi / Dr Balázs Balatonyi

Johann Högler

Telescopic prosthesis / Dr Balázs Balatonyi

Michaela Fraidl

Full contour zirconium oxide crowns / Dr Béla Paczolay

Svetlana Joksimovic

All-on-4 Concept dentures, Zirconia crowns / Dr. László Honfi

Jan Zimmermann

All-on -6 Concept dentures / Dr Paczolay Béla

Bernhard Grimm

Dr Balázs Balatonyi / Metal-Ceramic Crowns on Nobel Implants / Dr Iván Kecskés

Heinz Rozumek

Upper combined prosthesis / Dr Béla Paczolay

Friedrich Blum

Nobel implant + zirconium oxide crowns / Dr László Honfi

Andreas Bieringer

All-on-4 Nobel Procera dentures / Dr László Honfi

Heike Baumgart

Full contour zirconium oxide crowns / Dr Annamária Kocsis

What are the advantages of orthodontic treatment at 5DENT?

At our dental clinic, we place special emphasis on making your first meeting with your orthodontist a positive experience with many benefits:

  • You get to know your orthodontist and experience his empathy, patience and professional commitment
  • We record your dental problems in detail and develop recommendations for a gentle solution through orthodontic treatment
  • The development of more serious dental and temporomandibular joint problems can be prevented

What health problems can be caused by not having orthodontic treatment?

Unfortunately, there are also health risks if you do not see an orthodontist in time:

  • Permanent teeth cannot break through and grow undisturbed
  • Blockage of the teeth, which can later lead to tooth extraction without orthodontic treatment
  • The teeth cannot be cleaned sufficiently, so the risk of caries is much greater
  • The development of the temporomandibular joints does not remain undisturbed, so that joint problems may occur later on
  • The result is an inconsistent facial profile that is difficult to correct later.

However, these serious consequences can be prevented by a simple consultation with our internationally experienced orthodontist at the 5DENT Dental Clinic.

How we can make your smile look new

Why is it advisable to tackle the problem of irregular dentition in good time?

The aim of orthodontic treatment is to treat misalignments of the teeth and jaw bones. An irregular set of teeth not only causes aesthetic problems and inhibitions, but also carries a number of other risks. Because irregular dentition is more difficult to keep clean, the accumulation of plaque can lead to tooth decay. Improper cleaning of the spaces between teeth can also lead to persistent gingivitis. From there, the path leads straight to tooth loosening and tooth loss.

Bite problems caused by misaligned teeth also put strain on the jaw joint and can cause severe pain.

With today’s modern orthodontic procedures, this problem can be solved relatively easily and quickly.

Orthodontics for children: When should you start?

We recommend that all parents with young children visit us for an orthodontic examination when they are around 7 years old. Such an examination is not at all uncomfortable for your child and is a good way to make the first visit to the dentist a positive experience. The position of the jaw bones and teeth determines the appearance of the face, the quality of chewing and the ability to clean the teeth properly. This is an ideal period because at this age it is still possible to control the growth of the jaws so that we can prevent our children from complications later on.

During this time, children have a range of orthodontic treatment options available to them that may take longer or not be available at all in adulthood. If we start treatment early, we can create much better conditions for our children’s teeth to be healthy and aesthetically pleasing in adulthood. 

Our specialist can also give you useful advice if your child does not need braces until the age of 13-14. Your child can get fixed braces when they have lost their baby teeth and the remaining teeth have grown out.

At 5DENT Dental Clinic, we have the latest removable and fixed orthodontic appliances to treat fixed lesions. Our specialist will help you choose the most suitable method for long-term success.

How does the orthodontic consultation and planning work at 5DENT?

  • During the consultation our dentist will examine your teeth and mucous membranes
  • You will then be asked in detail about your bad habits (e.g. scratching, nail biting, finger sucking in children) and any hereditary diseases in your family.
  • A panoramic x-ray and a teleradiograph are essential for accurate planning, and we will take these at our clinic.
  • If your orthodontist feels that you need further dental treatment (e.g. oral hygiene, tooth extraction, filling), they will refer you to one of our specialist dentists before you undergo orthodontic treatment.
  • For the design, our specialist takes impressions of the upper and lower dental arch and records the bite
  • The initial state is documented with photos
  • Every orthodontic treatment is unique, so the plan must be well thought out and precise. The design is created on the computer and the finished treatment plan is sent to you by e-mail.
  • In this plan, our dentist recommends the type of orthodontic appliance and describes the individual steps, check-ups and the expected duration of treatment.
  • In the case of a removable device, the daily wearing time is also recorded.

Why you should come to 5DENT for a personal consultation

Digital diagnostics – With our modern digital diagnostic equipment, we can accurately determine the condition of your teeth and bone structure, which is an essential prerequisite for developing a precise and individual treatment plan.

Personal communication – A personal conversation with a dental expert gives you the opportunity to seek advice directly and get answers to your questions.

Individual treatment plan – Your consulting dentist can personally assess the condition of your teeth and bone structure, as well as your needs, and recommend the best treatment plan based on this.

Personal experience about the level of the practice – during the consultation you can find out first-hand about the technical standard of the dental practice and whether it meets your expectations

Aids to understanding the dental problem – At our 5DENT dental clinic, we use visual aids and models to fully inform you and help you understand your dental problem and treatment options.

Favorable prices, significant savings – you don’t have to compromise. At 5DENT’s office, you can make significant savings on your dental treatment while receiving European-standard dental care, for which we also offer a guarantee.

These are the questions our patients have asked about orthodontics (FAQ)

Where is the orthodontic treatment performed?

Orthodontic treatment is performed in our 5DENT dental clinic in Mosonmagyaróvár, only 14 kilometres from the Austrian border. You can find detailed information about our contact details here.

If I didn’t get braces as a child, is it too late as an adult?

Older types of orthodontic appliances were mainly used in childhood, but today’s modern appliances can also produce spectacular and long-lasting results in adulthood. 

How long can I wear braces as an adult and how old should I be?

As long as you have the vast majority of your own teeth and feel an inner urge to keep your teeth in order as an adult, it is not too late to keep them in order until the age of 50-60. Of course, not all cases can be treated with orthodontic appliances, but this only becomes clear during a personal consultation. 

If orthodontics is not an option for you, we can offer you alternative treatments at 5DENT. 

Is orthodontics painful?

The insertion of braces does not cause any pain per se, but at the beginning of the process or during the monthly activations, you may experience a feeling of tension for 5-7 days, which will gradually disappear. In the meantime, you will not even notice that you are wearing braces.

Does orthodontic treatment have to last for years?

Not necessarily, but it can happen. It always depends on how big a correction you need to make with orthodontics and how your body reacts to the correction. Smaller corrections can be done in months, but for larger ones, the treatment time can be measured in years. On average, 1.5 years is typical.  

How can I keep my teeth clean when I wear braces?

During orthodontic treatment, you should pay special attention to your dental care at home. You will need special toothbrushes for this. However, with careful daily use, you can keep your teeth completely clean during orthodontic treatment. 

How can I make my braces invisible to those around me?

At 5DENT we also have orthodontic appliances that are almost invisible to other people. We can inform you about these options in a personal consultation to find out the current condition of your teeth and your ideas about orthodontic treatment. 

Does orthodontic treatment necessarily involve the extraction of one or more teeth?

No. This is less and less the case today. Only if there is not enough space in the mouth to control crowded teeth. However, it is often the case that crowding is caused by wisdom teeth that have not erupted or have grown insufficiently. These must be removed in any case, not only to ensure successful orthodontic treatment, but also to prevent them from causing symptoms of inflammation in the future, which can lead to great pain. 

How much does orthodontic treatment cost at 5DENT?

Fortunately, the cost of orthodontic treatment is spread out, as it is paid gradually over the entire treatment period during bonding, monthly activations and removal. The options for braces are very diverse, so the exact treatment costs can only be determined after a personal consultation and planning.

Don’t let irregularities in your teeth prevent you from smiling with confidence! Orthodontics is not only aesthetic, but also important for a healthy bite and proper chewing. The highly qualified specialists at 5DENT offer you individual solutions, whether you need orthodontic treatment for adults or children.

Why you should choose 5DENT for your dental treatment

Professional staff

This is the foundation of all quality dental care – a team of well-trained, experienced and dedicated professionals.

Informative and understandable personal communication

The 5DENT dental clinic places great emphasis on informative personal consultation.

State-of-the-art technology

The use of the latest dental equipment and technology is essential for accurate diagnosis and gentle treatment.

Individual treatment plan

We know that every patient is unique and needs a tailor-made solution for their dental problem.

Sterile environment

5DENT dental practice places great emphasis on creating a sterile environment, because we know that basic hygiene not only protects your health, but also affects the quality and effectiveness of your treatment.


At the 5DENT dental clinic, aftercare is not just a follow-up step, but an integral part of the treatment process.

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