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Bone replacements and sinus lifts

Bone grafting and sinus lift at 5DENT – so that you don’t miss your implant placement and can live a full life

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What is bone replacement and why is it good for you?

The most modern method of replacing missing teeth is implantation. However, the basic prerequisite for successful implantation is sufficient bone stock and volume. In some cases, implantation is not possible because the existing bone stock is not of sufficient quality, density, thickness or width to accommodate the implant.

Bone replacement involves the use of natural or artificial materials to restore lost bone and promote new bone formation. The type of procedure, bone replacement materials and techniques vary depending on the purpose of the treatment and the anatomical needs.

Why is a bone replacement necessary? Where should the bone go?

The quantity and quality of the bone acts as a holding force for the teeth, which is balanced by the chewing activity. When a tooth is missing, the area of the missing tooth is not affected by the chewing mechanism, so the physical effect is removed. This causes the bone to begin to dissolve, as it no longer has any functional significance in this area. 

If tooth loss continues over a long period of time, the amount of bone may be reduced to such an extent that implant placement is no longer possible without bone grafting or sinus lift.

In which cases is a bone graft or sinus lift ideal?

The most common causes of bone replacement:

  • Implantation of a tooth at a site with insufficient bone quantity or quality
  • After the removal of one or more teeth, there is a rapid breakdown of the inactive bone tissue that no longer supports the tooth. If you want to replace a long-removed tooth with an implant, you will probably need a bone graft in the area where the surgery is to take place
Bone augmentationfrom 385 €
Closed sinus liftfrom 500 €
Open sinus liftfrom 850 €

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What is the point of a bone graft or sinus lift?

Bone grafting is a way to increase the amount of healthy, high-quality bone. The most common bone grafting procedures for dental implants at 5DENT:

  • Horizontal bone replacement of the alveolar ridge 
  • Vertical bone replacement of the jaw bone 
  • Sinus lift: open or closed

Bone replacement for the lower jaw at 5DENT

If the location of the future dental implant is in the lower jaw bone and there is not enough bone, there are two ways to perform the procedure depending on the bone stock:

  • One solution is horizontal bone grafting, which in most cases uses a mixture of animal bone substitute and the patient’s own bone, covered with a resorbable collagen membrane.
  • The other solution is to use a similar animal-derived proprietary bone mix, but to achieve bone augmentation (vertical bone grafting), a non-absorbable membrane with titanium reinforcement is used.

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Sinus lift for the upper jaw at 5DENT

In the case of the upper jaw, implantation may not be possible because the bone volume between the oral cavity and the maxillary sinus is not sufficient for implantation. In this case, it is necessary to elevate the base of the maxillary sinus. Sinus elevation surgery (sinus lift) can be performed in two ways.

In a closed sinus lift, bone augmentation material is inserted through a hole in the jawbone ridge intended for implant placement. The implant is always inserted at the same time. With this procedure, a small bone gap of one to three millimetres can be filled.

 In an open sinus lift, a bone block is created in the zygomatic bone through which the maxillary sinus can be lifted with a special device. The bone replacement material is then placed between the mucosa and the floor of the maxillary sinus. The amount of bone obtained in this way is sufficient for implantation. In most cases of an open sinus lift, the implants are inserted in another operation after a healing period of six to nine months.

How is a bone graft or sinus lift performed at 5DENT?

  • The first step is to take a 3D CT scan. Based on this, we create a treatment plan and inform you in detail about the necessary steps
  • If necessary, scaling and restoration of the remaining teeth (fillings, filling replacements)
  • If necessary, we remove teeth that cannot be saved.
  • The procedure is performed under local anaesthetic, so you will not feel any pain during the bone graft or sinus lift operation. If necessary, you can have the procedure done under anaesthesia or sedation
  • In bone grafting, the patient’s own bone or bone substitute material of animal origin or synthetic bone substitute material or a combination of both is inserted to replace the missing bone.
  • After the operation, you will be given antibiotics, painkillers and a mouthwash with antiseptic to prevent possible infections.
  • The healing time of the bone graft is 6-9 months on average, after which it can be used for implantation.

Why you should come to 5DENT for a personal consultation

Digital diagnostics – With our modern digital diagnostic equipment, we can accurately determine the condition of your teeth and bone structure, which is an essential prerequisite for developing a precise and individual treatment plan.

Personal communication – A personal conversation with a dental expert gives you the opportunity to seek advice directly and get answers to your questions.

Individual treatment plan – Your consulting dentist can personally assess the condition of your teeth and bone structure, as well as your needs, and recommend the best treatment plan based on this.

Personal experience about the level of the practice – during the consultation you can find out first-hand about the technical standard of the dental practice and whether it meets your expectations

Aids to understanding the dental problem – At our 5DENT dental clinic, we use visual aids and models to fully inform you and help you understand your dental problem and treatment options.

Favorable prices, significant savings – you don’t have to compromise. At 5DENT’s office, you can make significant savings on your dental treatment while receiving European-standard dental care, for which we also offer a guarantee.

These are the questions our patients have asked about bone grafting and sinus lift (FAQ)

Where are bone grafts or sinus lift operations performed?

Our team of experienced oral surgeons with decades of international experience performs bone grafting or sinus lift surgery at 5DENT in Mosonmagyaróvár.  Detailed information about our contact details can be found here.

How long does the bone graft or sinus lift surgery take?

This depends on the amount of bone to be grafted and the severity of the procedure. The implantation time is 60-120 minutes.

How should I prepare for an operation with bone grafting or sinus lift?
  • Meals: Light meals are recommended before bone replacement. Do not come with an empty stomach. Exceptions to this rule are operations under general anaesthesia
  • Brushing your teeth: Brush and floss your teeth thoroughly before undergoing bone grafting. Clean teeth lead to faster healing and fewer complications. You can also use an antiseptic mouthwash or rinse
  • Facial cleansing: It is advisable to appear without make-up so that the surgical environment is as sterile as possible. Do not wear foundation, powder or bronzer
  • Shaving: From a hygienic point of view, it is advisable that gentlemen arrive clean-shaven for the procedure, as the stubble can harbour many bacteria that can affect the sterility of the area
  • A sedative: If you think it is necessary and your doctor agrees, you can take a piece of sedative before the operation to relieve your anxiety before the operation. It is important that you inform your doctor about this medication
Is bone grafting or sinus lift surgery safe?

In competent hands in any case.  The bone substitutes used are supplied in sterile vials that are free of pathogens and animal protein. Antibiotics and strict controls also exclude the possibility of bacterial infection.

Will the bone graft or sinus lift surgery hurt?

Bone grafting or sinus lift surgery is performed under local, sedation or general anaesthesia so that there is no pain and minimal discomfort. 

Do I need an X-ray or CT scan?

A panoramic X-ray and a 3D CT are absolutely necessary for precise planning of the dental implantation. 

How much does a bone graft or sinus lift cost?

The cost of bone replacement depends on the size and complexity of the procedure as well as the quality and quantity of the bone replacement material used. In all cases, we perform the procedures on the basis of a personal consultation and an individual cost estimate. 

How long does it take to recover after the procedure?

The healing time for a bone graft or sinus lift is usually as follows:

  • Sinus lift: 6-9 months
  • Vertical bone replacement: 6-9 months
  • Horizontal bone replacement: 6-9 months

Our oral surgeon may deviate from the above recovery time depending on your health condition.

What should I do after a bone graft or sinus lift?
  • Cool the surgical area with ice packs for the first 24 hours. During the waking hours, 10 minutes of icing should be followed by 10 minutes of rest. The ice pack can be reused several times by placing it in the freezer. No ice for sinusitis!
  • Do not smoke!
  • Do not drink alcohol!
  • Do not eat until the anaesthetic has worn off!
  • Do not touch the operated area with your fingers or tongue!
  • Do not suction the surgical area to avoid displacement of the blood clot as this is the basis for healing!
  • Avoid dairy products, spicy, pickled or highly seasoned foods, as well as foods containing small seeds, bread crumbs, hard foods (e.g. bread crusts, seeds, bones) and beer!
  • Use mouthwash as directed by your doctor (usually from the 3rd day after surgery)!
  • You should brush your teeth twice a day and follow your doctor’s instructions for cleaning the surgical site!
  • Avoid sauna visits and intense physical activity for 12-14 days!
Will there be any swelling or discolouration after the procedure?

After a bone graft, there may be some swelling or discolouration in the surgical area. This is normal. In any case, we will tell you what to expect and how to deal with these symptoms.

Would you like to smile more confidently and enjoy chewing again without being disturbed by missing teeth? 5DENT Dental Clinic can help you restore the healthy, strong set of teeth you’ve always wanted with implants, bone grafting and sinus lift procedures. With decades of international experience, our team has extensive experience in dental and implant treatments, including bone grafting and sinus lifts, so you are in the best hands. 

Don’t let dental problems stop you from enjoying life and save a lot of money at the same time.

Why you should choose 5DENT for your dental treatment

Professional staff

This is the foundation of all quality dental care – a team of well-trained, experienced and dedicated professionals.

Informative and understandable personal communication

The 5DENT dental clinic places great emphasis on informative personal consultation.

State-of-the-art technology

The use of the latest dental equipment and technology is essential for accurate diagnosis and gentle treatment.

Individual treatment plan

We know that every patient is unique and needs a tailor-made solution for their dental problem.

Sterile environment

5DENT dental practice places great emphasis on creating a sterile environment, because we know that basic hygiene not only protects your health, but also affects the quality and effectiveness of your treatment.


At the 5DENT dental clinic, aftercare is not just a follow-up step, but an integral part of the treatment process.

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