Tooth whitening

What is tooth whitening?

Tooth whitening, also known as tooth bleaching, is a cosmetic dental treatment which can make the patient's own teeth a few shades lighter.

Tooth whitening can be performed using a professional-grade, home tooth whitening kit, too. The tooth whitening kit contains 10 pairs of tooth whitening trays, which you need to wear on your teeth for the duration indicated on the instructions. This method helps you whiten your teeth a few shades lighter in up to 10 days.

The most effective way of tooth whitening is in-office bleaching, which is faster than at-home whitening.

Who does 5dent Dental Clinic recommend tooth whitening?

We recommend tooth whitening to all our adult patients who are disturbed by the darker shade of their teeth, and thus do not feel confident enough to smile.

Which teeth can be whitened?

Tooth whitening is most effective on the patient's own teeth that have not been root canal treated. Tooth whitening does not work on crowns, bridges or fillings. We perform tooth whitening on your front teeth, which are visible when you are smiling.

How long does it take to whiten your teeth at our dental clinic? How is tooth whitening performed?

In general you need to visit our dental clinic only once to have an in-office tooth bleaching treatment. The whitening treatment lasts three times 10-30 minutes the maximum, that is, about 1-1.5 hours including breaks. The exact duration of tooth whitening depends on the original colour of the teeth to be whitened, and the shade you would like to achieve.
Tooth bleaching is performed by our professional dental hygienist at our dental clinic. Our dental hygienist checks your teeth and removes tartar and stains before starting the bleaching treatment if needed.
Tooth bleaching starts with the application of a special protective compound on your gums. The teeth are painted with a special whitening compound, the effect of which is enhanced with a special whitening lamp. The compound is removed after 20-30 minutes. Then the gum protecting and whitening compounds are re-applied. This procedure is repeated three times during the treatment.

Will you possibly need other dental treatments when you are having your teeth whitened?

If your front teeth have not been filled and they have no crowns affixed to them, tooth whitening in particular only requires a dental hygiene treatment preceding the bleaching procedure.

Old, loose-fitting fillings and crowns should be replaced after the bleaching procedure so that their colour can be adjusted to the new shade of your teeth.

What is to be done after tooth bleaching?

After the tooth bleaching treatment your teeth might be a bit more sensitive than usual for a few days. The use of good-quality toothpaste developed especially for sensitive teeth is highly recommended.

Following your tooth bleaching treatment the consumption of coffee, fizzy soft drinks and too hot or too cold foods and drinks should be avoided.

The effects of bleaching can be influenced by certain foods and drinks. Coffee, black tea, red wine and smoking may stain teeth therefore we do not recommend our patients to consume them excessively.


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