You can expect to receive excellent dental care at our dental clinic. Our dentists and dental technicians only use western European, American and Japanese dental materials that meet top-quality requirements, and always observe the strictest regulations for sterilization and disinfection. We also keep up-to-date with the latest results of scientific research, and thus we employ the most-advanced technologies, and our equipment and dental materials represent the highest quality applied in modern dentistry.


Our dentists and oral surgeons are outstanding professionals who completed Hungarian medical training, which is acknowledged to be of high quality all over the world. They regularly participate in important trainings and dental conferences and thus they update their know-how and apply the most modern techniques of dentistry. Our colleagues – from the receptionists and assistants to the dentists and oral surgeons – are open, positive personalities with a great command of several languages, who give priority to the patients' needs in each case.

As for prices, a dental treatment in Hungary could cost you even 50-70% less than the same treatment in your home country because the overhead expenses, additional costs and salaries are far lower in this country. As a consequence, Hungarian dentists and dental technicians can keep their prices much lower than their western European colleagues even though they use the same quality materials and the most modern equipment and dental technologies. Therefore, if you choose our dental clinic to prepare your restoration, you will receive excellent value for your money.


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