Free services

Our complimentary services are available for all our patients who contact 5dent Dental Clinic, or visit our dental clinic in person. Our colleagues will do their best to provide you with comprehensive services at the most reasonable prices possible, and with a wide range of complimentary services. All you need to do is contact us, and 5dent Dental Clinic will assist you from the first step to the last.

Before the dental treatment

International toll free number that can be called from Austria, Germany, Switzerland and Italy. Residents of other countries are welcome to use our free call-back service. Send us your email address, give us your phone number, or leave your contact information on our answer phone, and we will call you back during the office hours of our clinic.
We provide you with professional and detailed information and counselling in German, English French or Italian besides Hungarian to make sure you know everything about your dental treatment and our services.
Complimentary coffee, tea, soft drinks, mineral water, newspapers, TV and Wi-Fi Internet access are available in the waiting room to make your wait time as pleasant as possible.
You are welcome to use our disposable toothbrushes available in the tooth-brushing room in case you forget to bring your own toothbrush.
We offer free consultation with our dentists and oral surgeons before the treatment, during which you can ask them your questions, and you can get first-hand, precise information on dental treatments and oral surgery.
In case your health insurance company requires a special dental treatment plan, the staff of 5dent Dental Clinic will be glad to prepare one for you.

While travelling

Upon reservation, 5dent Taxi provides free shuttle service from Vienna every day, which is available even in case of annual check-ups.
Upon prior agreement, we provide free airport transfer from Vienna and Bratislava upon arrival and leaving.
We provide free parking in the private guarded parking lot of 5dent Dental Clinic for the duration of your dental treatment so that you do not have to pay for parking in the town centre.

In the dental chair

We design the unique colour and shape of your restoration free of charge.
We prepare your free quote and dental treatment plan including several alternatives.
Local anaesthesia is also complimentary.
Removal of old crowns and bridges is free of charge.
We offer complimentary removal of old fillings.

In Mosonmagyaróvár

Our colleagues would be delighted to help you reserve your accommodation, therefore you can reserve your hotel room at our partner hotel, the Hotel AQUA Thermal*** with our assistance.
Our colleagues gladly assist you in organizing your free time activities based on your needs.
We make your appointments for the beauty treatments you have selected.

Following the dental treatment

We look forward to schedule your annual follow-up check-ups free of charge.
We make out invoices of the dental treatments in German, English or Italian.
We provide a written guarantee for the restorations prepared at our dental laboratory.
We offer a 3-year technical warranty on the restorations prepared at 5dent Dental Clinic.

Remember: this is all available for you at no additional charge!