What is orthodontics?

Orthodontics deals with the treatment of positional irregularities of teeth, dentition and jaw bones, which can occur as a result of bad habits, the abnormal replacement of deciduous teeth or genetics.

What orthodontic treatments does 5dent Dental Clinic offer?

5dent Dental Clinic offers a number of solutions for both its child and adult patients. Patients of all ages can choose from removable and fixed appliances in various price categories.

What harm can irregular teeth do?

Besides causing patients aesthetic problems and doing harm to their self-confidence, irregular teeth might pose numerous risks. Since an irregular dentition is more difficult to keep clean, dental plaque residues can lead to tooth decay. Improper care of embrasures might lead to permanent gingivitis, and later to looseness and loss of teeth. Malocclusion problems caused by irregular teeth also burden the jaw bone, and could prove to be very painful for patients.

What phases does an orthodontic treatment involve?

During the first consultation before the orthodontic treatment our dentist interrogates the patient in detail about the bad habits they might have (e.g. bruxism, finger sucking) and any hereditary genetic disorders in the family.

Then our dentist carefully examines the dentition and the mucous membrane because aligner appliances can only be used if the teeth and the mucous membrane are healthy.

Precise design requires a panoramic X-ray image and a teleroentgenogram to be taken. During design our dentist takes an impression of the lower and upper dental arch, and also records the jaw relation. We take photos of the original state of the teeth. Certainly the costs of design and X-ray images are deducted from the total price of the dental treatment.

During design our dentist agrees with the patient on the type of aligner appliance to be used and the upcoming phases of the orthodontic treatment. The duration of the orthodontic treatment is a minimum of one year, and its success greatly depends on the cooperation of the patient in each case.

Each orthodontic treatment is unique; therefore we can only provide you with a precise quote and treatment plan after the design phase has been completed at the dental clinic.


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