Hungary and medical tourism

Hungarian bathing culture must also be mentioned. This small country is one of the world's top countries in terms of thermal water; and besides France, Iceland, Japan and Italy, Hungary also has the richest resources in medicinal water. It is not that well-known but this part of Europe was famous for its warm water public baths in Roman times and in the Middle Ages. The traces of historical bathing culture can still be found in many spa resorts.

The high standards of medical tourism services are guaranteed by – among others – the know-how of Hungarian doctors and the spa investments of recent years. Apart from medical care based on natural resources, Hungary is also famous for its professional medical services. The high-level medical knowledge has been accumulated throughout the past decades and centuries by doctors and scientists like Ignác Semmelweis and Nobel Prize winner Albert Szentgyörgyi, who are internationally renowned for the improvement of medical care and biomedical researches. Hungary has a leading role in Europe as far as technical equipment, medical procedures and medical training are concerned. The institutions specialized in medical tourism also offer a favourable price-value ratio.


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