Free-time activities

Mosonmagyaróvár and Szigetköz (Little Rye Island) provide you with various recreational activities outdoors from spring to autumn. You can go for a ride in a horse carriage, which will give you unforgettable experiences. Explore the area with a different eye; you can go for a ride in a pleasure boat or a speedboat in the area.

Szigetköz has many horse farms and riding schools; apart from horse-riding, you can go for a ride in a horse carriage with the following service providers:

Babos Manor

Address: 9228 Halászi, Kőhídi u. 11.
Phone: +36/30/3944-009

Sándor Dán

Address: 9226 Dunasziget, Cikola u. 104.
Phone: +36/96/233-049

Tibor Kanka

Address: 9235 Dunakiliti, Kossuth u. 1/a.
Phone: +36/96/566-090

Dénes Mihályi

Address: 9232 Darnózseli, Táncsics Str.
Phone: +36/96/717-280

Tamás Mihályi

Address: 9232 Darnózseli, Hársfa Str. 7.
Phone: +36/96/717-103, 20/2056-951

Miklós Szabó

Address: 9178 Hédervár
Phone: +36/30/617-7277

Party Csárda (Party Inn) – Tibor Szombath

Address: 9228 Halászi, Duna sétány
Phone: +36/96/573-036, +36/30/272-9015


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