Orthodontic treatments

Feeling uncomfortable about crooked teeth?

5 Dent provides a solution for the young and the elderly!

Wearing braces in adulthood? Why not?

Ontodonthrics is now easy and reachable treatment to everyone, thanks to the recent modern appliances even at the age of 50.  There is a wide range of solutions to treat positional irregularities of teeth, the maloclusion can be corrected either with the help of aesthetic appliances or with invisible ones.

We take your needs into account during the arrangement of the treatment plan and we provide assistance to help to choose from the facilities. One thing is for sure, no matter if you wear a fixed or removable braces, there is nothing to feel ashamed of because wearing them nowadays means to be trendy and neat.

Braces for kids: when to start?

We recommend parents visit us when their child reaches the age of 7 for a dental checkup.

Disorders start taking shape at that age, therefore they might be already treatable .

Our specialist can provide you with useful advice, even if your child needs  it only around the age of 14.  Fixed braces can only be applied after all of the child’s adult teeth have erupted.

5 Dent Clinic provides you the most modern removable and fixed braces for the already evolved alterations. Our specialist helps to find the method that suits you best to achieve success in long-term.

Why is it important to deal with crooked teeth?

The aim of wearing braces is to treat the disposition of teeth and upper and lower jaw.

Crooked teeth do entail numerous potential risks, besides the fact, that it causes aesthetic problems and inhibitions.

As crooked teeth are hard to keep clean, dental plaque residues can lead to tooth decay. Improper care of embrasures might lead to permanent gingivitis. What brings you one step further to  looseness and loss of teeth.

The improper alignment of teeth does not only cause discomfort when chewing or biting but also puts too much pressure on the mandibular joint and causes serious pain.

With the help of today’s modern appliances  this problem can be solved in a simple and easy way.

How does consultation and planning work?

  1. Our specialist examines your teeth and mucous membrane.
  2. After that, you will be questioned in detail about your possible bad habits (e.g.scrunch, nail biting, thumb sucking) and about any hereditary disorders in your family.
  3. In order to get a precise plan a panoramic X-ray image and a teleroentgenogram have to be taken.
  4. In case, our specialist suggests any supplementary treatment before the orthodontic treatment (e.g. dental hygiene treatments, tooth extraction or filling) you will be redirected for treatment to a dentist who is specialised in those.
  5. To design a plan, our dentist takes an impression of the lower and upper dental arch,and records the jaw relation, too.
  6. Photos will be taken of the original condition.
  7.  Each orthodontic treatment is unique; therefore a  well-thought -out treatment plan is necessary. The planning process is computer based, so we send the final design of your treatment plan via e-mail.

Ours Specialist will propose the type of aligner appliance, and will describe the upcoming phases of the treatment, the necessary checkups and the expected duration of the treatment.

In case of removable appliances the daily amount of time for wearing them will be also set out.


In case of fixed appliances checkups are required until the end of the treatment.

The duration of the orthodontic treatment depends on the extent of irregularity but should not be longer than 1,5-2 years.


Would you like to know if you or your child need orthodontic treatment?

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