All-on-4™ and All-on-6

Are you looking for a fixed, long term solution for edentulous crest?

Are you feeling uncomfortable with using a removable denture?

Choose the aesthetic, professional solution by Nobel Biocare

Advantages of All-on-4™ and All-on-6

  • Fixed, temporary prosthesis within even 24 hours
  • Fixed prosthesis onto 4 or 6 implants
  • Implantation without bone grafting
  • Shorter healing time
  • Smaller, less complex treatment
  • Reliable solution: 150.000 satisfied patients within less than 2 decades*
  • Affixed with screws: easy to clean during the annual dental checkup


Why does All-on-4™ provide a better solution than removable dental prosthesis?

If you lost all your natural teeth and are currently using a conventional, removable prosthesis without fixation, you must be fully aware that this type of restoration technique can cause you pain and inconvenience and is often unstable, making your everyday life more complicated.

All-on-4™ is Nobel Biocare’s own innovation

This solution is designed for patients suffering from edentulism on at least either dental arch and they do not wish to undergo bone grafting or their body is not suitable for it.

The All-on-4™ is a fixed dental restoration, affixed with screws that will make chewing carefree again. The duration of this treatment will be at least 6 months shorter than the one with bone grafting.  Moreover, you can save the price of 2 implants, the copulative elements and a roundtrip to the clinic.

What makes the All-on-4™ method so special?

Previously, we have only been able to prepare fixed, removable prosthesis onto 4 dental implants. What makes the All-on-4™ treatment so special is the fact that the missing teeth are replaced with a fixed bridge attached to 4 implants. The main idea of the method is that the dental surgeon places the implants in the most ideal angle for restoration. This way the 4 implants will be able to provide enough stability for the dental prosthesis without bone grafting.

The greatest advantage of All-on-4™ and All-on-6 is that implants are immediately chargeable, so you can get your fixed, temporary prosthesis as early as a few days after implantation.

Check out Nobel Biocare’s video on the All-on-4™ treatment concept.

Nobel’s video on All-on-4™ link

How does All-on-6 provide an even better solution?

In case it is possible to place 6 implants without bone grafting, the All-on-6 treatment method can provide even more stability for restoration.


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*According to Nobel Biocare™’s own statistics


Unfortunately, due to current legislation on communicable diseases, we cannot treat patients with HIV or Hepatitis.