We are pleased to inform our patients that the most modern GENDEX GX CB-500 3D CT equipment is at your disposal at the 5dent Dental Clinic to assure your complete safety!

Nowadays, 3D CT scan is indispensable for safe implantation and surgical interventions. With the help of the 3D CT equipment we can make digital, three-dimensional X-ray shots without distortion. The recordings help our dentists get an accurate picture of the particular conditions of the jaw bone, teeth’s status and of joints.

Due to the clear diagnosis set up with the help of the 3D CT the risks of a dental treatment or surgical intervention can significantly be reduced. Compared to the two-dimensional image of the panoramic X-ray, the bone thickness and bone depth may also be seen here, so the interventions can be planned much more precise. Our implantologist can determine the location and the required size of the implant much easier. Recording a dental CT picture does not involve using a contrast material and does not cause any inconvenience to you.

The GENDEX GX CB-500 CT X-ray available at the 5dent Dental Clinic is currently one of the most modern dental CT equipments accessible in the world.